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June 1, 2005
Editorial Contact: Richard Hahn
(716) 372-2443

Tekstar Optical Surpasses Industry's Wide Angle Varifocal Range with New 2.5 to 15mm Lens

Tekstar Optical has introduced a true 6x Day/Night ultra wide aspherical, IR coated varifocal lens with DC auto iris that boasts the greatest range of any wide angle varifocal in the market today: 2.5 to 15mm.

Like Tekstar Optical's other high-quality "Made in Japan" varifocals, the TEK2515DCIR is the perfect solution as a single lens approach for various industrial, commercial and military applications where distortion free, high definition and long range video surveillance is critical.

The TEK2515DCIR meets and exceeds every manufacturer's lens requirements for 1/3" high end, high resolution cameras.

"Every major lens company is trying to increase the range of their high end varifocals," said company president, Glenn Wolk. "Only Tekstar Optical has surpassed the industry's current wide angle varifocal range."

For further information visit Tekstar Optical on the web at or call 888-LENSGUY.

Glenn Wolk, widely known in the security industry as "Mr. Varifocal," launched Tekstar Optical, Inc. in 2003. The company imports a high quality "Made in Japan" line of CCTV Lenses" to supply the industry with the latest state-of-the-art optical technology and be able to compete price-wise with the influx of lenses coming from other countries.

Tekstar Optical, Inc.  |  75 Lackawaca Hill, Napanoch, NY 12458  | 
Phone/Fax: 845-647-5367 (LENS)  |  Cell: 516-582-3458